Saturday, 13 May 2017

Have you been affected by the WannaCry Ransomware virus?

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To protect yourself from this or future attacks there are 4 simple steps:

1. Train all computer users to be very wary of email attachments or links in emails that you are not absolutely convinced have come from a trusted source. This doesn't just mean knowing the email address that the message appears to have come from, but does the email read as if that person actually sent it to you?

Are you expecting that email attachment?

Does the email only contain one link to a website?

2. A decent anti-virus programme. Yes, you do need to pay for this, but it is invaluable. (Most of the free programmes aren't licensed for business use anyway.) Whatever anti-virus software the NHS or Nissan have been using clearly isn't up to the job!

3. Update Windows. Most systems are set to automatically update, but even then many will still wait for your input before actually installing the updates. Learn how to check that Windows has been updated. It's very simple to do.

4. Backup. Backup. Backup.
Backing up your data is by far the most important thing you have to do on a computer. If you're not backing up the computer then you may as well switch it off and not bother switching it on again!

These Ransomware viruses attack not just the data on the computer, but will also search for any data on the network. So, if you use some form of backup which remains attached to the network that will also be affected and rendered pointless.

You need a backup system whereby a tape or drive is removed from site each night, (to protect against fire, flood or theft as well as Ransomware.) Or, use cloud based backup.

Online, cloud based backup is not as vulnerable to Ransomware attack as it is held remotely and you can generally rescue any data from any day up to 30 days old.

Backup. Backup. Backup.
Please :)

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