Friday, 5 September 2014

Cost - Quality - Time - A Business Challenge

This Blog isn't about IT, or computers, which may make it more palatable to most folks! (Although we try to write our IT Blogs in English, we do realise that we don't always fully succeed.)

I had a 1-2-1 meeting with Amanda Jackson of TigerFish PR earlier today. They're a great PR company for the logistics market. If you make it or move it, let TigerFish PR it!

During a wide ranging and fun discussion Amanda mentioned an issue that many businesses will come across, based on a triangle of often competing business staples. 

Here at The IT Dept we are always striving to offer a quality service, within a declared time frame, at a known cost. As Amanda put it, a client can have any 2 of the 3, but achieving all 3 can be impossible.

We regularly have competing factors at play, especially when scoping work within the IT sector for clients. We often don't know exactly how long a job will take, but we do know that the client will expect a high quality job, and we need to charge for the work. 

The client, of course, wants to know how much the job is likely to cost, as well as how long it will take. They may well assume that a high quality service is to be taken for granted.

We try very hard not to skimp on the quality of our services. Which can lead to us taking longer to carry out work than some of our competitors. Obviously this may clash with the budget that a client has set for the work.

Fortunately, my meeting with Amanda followed directly on from a seminar run by Michael Finnigan, of i2i (Impossible to Inevitable).

Michael is great at explaining to his clients how they must believe that they can achieve the impossible. With such beliefs the dream becomes inevitable.

We shall endeavour to marry all three of the factors above into our proposals for clients in the future: To spend sufficient time on the work; To offer the highest quality; At a cost acceptable to both parties. The results should be inevitable.

And, on the subject of marriage - Congratulations and Good Luck to Andy and Ruth of Eat My Logo on todays nuptials! 

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