Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Costs of an old, slow computer

Many of our clients, when faced with the prospect of upgrading their old computers, tell us, "We can't afford it right now". But, can they afford not to?

Just as older cars start to become more expensive to run than a newer car, the same is true of computers. However, the costs of slow computers are more hidden.

We believe that most decent spec, business grade computers should last about 4 to 5 years. After that they become less efficient for many technical reasons and the cost of upgrading becomes greater than the cost of replacement.

As a very rough guide, the computers we sell generally cost around the £400 mark. Add £100 for the configuration, installation, delivery and set up in your office. Then add another £100 for a nice new monitor, if you need one, to get an estimated overall price of £600 (+ VAT).

If that computer lasts only 4 years then the annual cost is around £150.

If an employee earning £10 an hour has a slow computer, which loses them only 20 minutes per day, that is costing your business £3.33 per day purely in staff costs, (ignoring the higher power costs of old equipment). That is equivalent to £765.90 per year (of 230 working days).

Upgrading your computers can save you money, as well as reducing frustration and annoyance, giving you a much happier and more productive workforce.
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