Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Facebook forces @facebook.com email address on users

Facebook has forced another unannounced change on all users. They have given you an @facebook.com email address and made that the default address for your profile. They have also decided that this address should be shown on your profile, even if you had hidden any previous address which you may have been using.

It is easy to undo this change. Click your name at the top right hand side of your Facebook page, to show your Profile. Click the "Edit Profile" button, then look for "Contact Information" across on the left of the page.

At the top of this page you should see your email addresses that Facebook knows about. You can choose which email addresses, if any, to show on your Profile, who they are shown to, etc. Given Facebook's reputation I'd like to show none at all!

To the right of the email addresses are two drop down boxes which, when clicked, allow you to choose options.

Being Facebook the saved settings mysteriously don't actually save. Log out & back in again a few times to keep making the changes to see if you can get them saved.

You can't remove the @facebook.com address from your profile altogether, of course.

Emails sent to this new @facebook.com address will be sent to your Messages folder, but Facebook haven't said how they will combat the menace of spam hitting every account.
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