Saturday, 15 October 2011

Add Google as Search Provider to Internet Explorer

Microsoft seem to have changed the way they allow users to add Search Providers to Internet Explorer.

The default search engine used will be Bing. There are many people who believe that Google is actually a much better search engine.

The Default Search Provider makes a difference in IE8 when you use the Search Box in the top menu of the browser. IE9 has removed this rather helpful box, but uses a Search Engine when you type your search terms directly into the Address Bar.

It used to be the case that adding Search Providers wasn’t that simple, but possible for anyone with a bit of knowledge and patience.

It is actually easier now, but in typical Microsoft fashion they have hidden away the ability to make this simple change.

So, if looking to add a Search Engine such as, browse to

Look in the top bar of the page for “Add-ons” and click that. In the page you are taken to there is a Search Box. In there type the name of the Search Engine you wish to use, such as Google.

Look for the “Search Provider” box in the next page and click that. You can choose if this should be the default Search Provider.

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