Friday, 29 July 2011

Have you changed your online passwords recently?

Creating many easy to remember but "complex" passwords is something we covered in our Newsletter back in May 2011, (see

However, many people still prefer to use one, or maybe two, passwords for all of their log-ons. This makes it extremely easy to remember the password, of course! However, it can also make it extremely easy for any hacker to access all of your accounts, once they know that one password.

The recent large scale hacks that have taken place, particularly of the Epsilon system, (see our Blog at, mean that your one password is now very likely to be known by several hackers.

We recently had a client whose email account was hijacked, probably because he used the same password for all of his online activity.

The only way to protect yourself, if you don't wish to use the more secure method of having multiple passwords, is to change your main password on a regular basis. This can, of course, seem like quite a hassle, but it is well worth doing at least once a year. Just as you should be changing the batteries in your smoke alarms every year, (which you do get round to doing, don't you?).

Create a new password, of at least 8 characters, which includes CAPITAL letters, lower case letters and numb3r5 and start with all of your Bank Accounts and other online sites. Once you've started the change it is surprisingly simple - and a very good bit of housekeeping.

Job done? You deserve a cool drink in the garden! Mine's a pint, thanks.

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