Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The IT Dept on the Sally Naden Show - BBC Radio Lancashire

I was pleased to be asked to appear on the Sally Naden Show on BBC Radio Lancashire today. (The show is available on BBC iPlayer for the next 7 days at

Sally makes the whole thing very painless indeed and is a great professional. There seems to be quite a bit going on behind the scenes that isn't heard on the radio show, but she sails through it all and holds everything together exceptionally well.

Appearing with me were Stacy Young who runs a charity called Shade4Ste which helps schools to provide shade for children during the day. Strangely enough, parents cover their kids in sun-cream whenever they're out in the sun, (whether on holiday or just out in the park for the day), then send them off to school to run around in the playground without any protection. Suffering severe sunburn when a child greatly increases your chances of developing skin cancers later in life. (You can donate to Shade4Ste at

Also on the show was an ex-Police Officer called Clive Cope. Clive left the Police Force after 31 years service and became an actor and entertainer. Clive has a great personality (which he says he didn't have to hide when on the beat!) and is likely to go far in his new career.

Sally has a great way of bringing up interesting subjects to talk about, although sadly we didn't get the time to talk about Cheryl Cole's dismissal by Simon Cowell from the US X Factor Talent Show recently!

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