Thursday, 21 April 2011

Does your IT Support company do too much for you?

In the past couple of days I have found two potential new clients, which is great news! They have both suggested to me that they aren't too sure what their existing support company does, why they seem to do so much of whatever they do, and why the IT guy tends to spend whole days in their offices when they do visit.

Having looked around both client's systems I found one to be configured in what appears to be an overly complex fashion, whilst the other is so simple it couldn't be possible to find a whole days work in their office!

Could it be that in the first example it has been set up for the IT Techie's interest and benefit and not in the best interests of the client?

The second example is simply an incompetent IT guy, who took a whole day to transfer Sage Line 50 Accounts from 1 PC to another, before announcing that he didn't understand why it didn't work on the new PC after all. He still charged for a full day's work, for a job that would take an hour at the most!

The IT Dept believe in Keeping IT Simple. This is in the interest of the client as a simple system will require less support and will be more quickly fixed when issues do occur.

We also provide written "Job Cards" after each visit, so clients can see exactly what we've spent our time doing. And fixed rates whenever we can, of course.

Don't be fooled into thinking IT Support has to be difficult or long-winded. There's nothing wrong with asking for a second opinion sometimes.

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