Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Mobile web site for The IT Dept

The IT Dept launched their new web site at http://www.the-it-dept.co.uk on 1st Feb 2011 - and today we have launched a new mobile web site (http://m.theitdept.co.uk).

This very simple website is designed to be viewed on a mobile device, such as iPhone, iPad or some other "handheld" means of accessing the internet. (And it is very much a work in progress! Please don't comment on the basic design.)

The increase in the number of people using mobile devices, rather than more traditional computers, to access the internet is staggering. We don't wish to ignore that large sector of business who may need computer support. About 2% of the regular readers of this Blog already use an iPhone or Blackberry to access this content, but this has been known to be as high as 25%!

Domain names are available from The IT Dept which cater exclusively for mobile web sites, with the extension .mobi. However, we have used an existing domain and set up our mobile web site at http://m.theitdept.co.uk

If you view that site through a normal browser on a computer it looks very strange. It has been designed to look much better on a mobile phone.

The differences between a desktop website and a mobile website are mainly in the size of the overall data able to be contained in the web site. Desktop websites tend to include quite a lot of large graphics as we all expect browsers to be running over fast broadband links. Mobile devices are much more limited - not least by the fact that users often pay more to download more data.

So, the aim of the mobile web site is purely to give out information on our services, along with contact details, quickly and succinctly.

The technical creation of a mobile site is very little different to that of a normal site - except that it must look good in a much smaller area. The computer screen that I use has a width of 1280 pixels, compared to 320 pixels for an iPhone. This means that a much smaller screen is available for showing the mobile web site, which brings design issues.

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