Monday, 24 January 2011

Why wait for the taxman?

This is a Guest Blog from Martin Horton of Crunchers (We Love Book-Keeping!)

Everyone will have seen Moira Stewart on TV recently, telling us how little time there is to get your Self Assessments filed. Nobody needs to leave this until January but so many people do.

Have a think about the following questions – they have even been answered to help you!

Does leaving the return mean that you pay less tax? No
Does it mean you can pay your tax later? No
Will some accountants charge more for clients who wait until January? Yes
If I am due a refund is it better that I get my Self Assessment in early? Yes
Will my business stand a better chance of surviving if my bookkeeping is kept up to date? Yes
Is it better to know 10 months in advance what tax is due rather than 10 days? Yes
Is there an easy way to keep my records up to date? Yes
Does better bookkeeping mean lower accountancy fees? Yes

There is a better way, contact Martin Horton from Crunchers on 07943 849450 to find out more, your business could be in much better shape within a few weeks.

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