Friday, 7 January 2011

Twitter and the Great British Granny Bang!

I have often pondered the point of using Twitter as a business tool, and I have wondered if it is simply a social gossip column.

But, I was also very interested in why the subject "Great British Granny Bang" was showing at No 2 in the Twitter Trends, so I Googled it (as you do) and came across an article at

That article explains that the X-Factor contestant Katie Wassell has an 83 year old gran who is also an "escort girl" and a porn star. (No, honestly, it does appear to be a true story!)

But the web address of the article is way too long for Twitter, so I shortened it using - the URL shortening service from Google. This reduced the address to - but crucially allows me to track who has clicked on that link in my Twitter message.

The results are fascinating to me, as over 175 people clicked that link within 20 minutes - despite them having no idea where that link may take them.

Perhaps more interesting to IT Geeks is the breakdown of where all those people live and what browser and computer operating system they use.

This snapshot shows that most people use Windows (no surprise), but that very few people use Internet Explorer (18) compared to Firefox (49) or Chrome (43).

What it has really shown me though is the power of Twitter - especially if you have some gossip to impart. Really intriguing is that there is nothing to prevent me from adding my business web address ( to the message as well, apart from the 140 character limitation, for some fast traffic to my site.

Countries Browsers Platforms
United Kingdom 76 Firefox 49 Windows 95
United States 58 Chrome 44 iPhone 29
Canada 10 Mobile 34 Macintosh 26
Ireland 4 Internet Explorer 18 Other Unix 6
Netherlands 4 Safari 18 BlackBerry 4
Singapore 4 Opera 6 Linux 4
Australia 2 Teleca 2 iPod 4
France 2 NetFront 1 LGE 2
Norway 2 Ubuntu 1 Samsung 2

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