Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Microsoft Update causes Blue Screen in Windows 7

On 11th Jan 2011 Microsoft released an update for Windows 7. This would be automatically installed on your computer if you have the default setting of accepting all Microsoft Updates as they are released.

This update (known as KB2454826) may install successfully or may cause serious issues with your computer. It is possible that you could see what is known as the Blue Screen of Death! When you boot the computer it may hang on booting and go to a blue screen with lots of unintelligible white text. Some of that text may include one of the phrases "Stop: 0x0000007F" or "Error: 0x7F".

Alternatively, Windows Live Mail may fail to launch successfully.

As this patch is known to be corrupt and Microsoft have withdrawn it, our recommendation is to have it removed from your computer regardless of whether or not it has caused any immediate issues.

If you do have the Blue Screen of Death you must boot the computer into "Safe Mode" to uninstall the patch. To boot into Safe Mode you must press the F8 key on the keyboard repeatedly as the computer is booting. You should be presented with a black screen offering numerous options - the top one is "Safe Mode". As the computer boots into Safe Mode you see lots of white text on a black screen - this is normal and nothing to worry about. It takes some time to get into Safe Mode.

Once booted, whether in Safe Mode or normally, click the "Start" button and find "Control Panel". You need to find the icon for "Programs and Features". On the left hand side click the option "View Installed Updates". The list can be sorted by "Installed On" date - look for updates applied on 11th Jan 2011 or later. It will be called "Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2454826)"

Click once to highlight this update then choose "Uninstall" from the top menu. You will need to restart the computer normally once the patch is uninstalled.

Further information is available from Microsoft at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2498368

If that doesn't solve your issue then you have a different problem and you may need to find a reputable computer professional to diagnose the issue.

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