Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cold-Caller says your computer is infected.

I've just been called by a very nice lady, with a lovely Indian accent, who told me she had noticed some suspicious activity on my computer. It appeared to her as if I'd accidentally downloaded some sort of virus!

She was offering to access my computer for me, with my permission of course, with some remote access software. She'd then be able to clean up the problem while I sat back and watched.

What a great service that is! Not only can she somehow see that some nasty virus has been downloaded to my computer, she can also fix it for me all the way from India. Sadly, when I asked her just how stupid she thought I was she put the phone down before I could ask for her number.

Be aware that this type of call is very much on the increase. The Guardian newspaper has two good blogs on the subject HERE and HERE

Those Blogs suggests that these callers won't actually do anything malicious to your computer. They will simply charge substantial amounts of money to set you up with a Remote Support Contract. They may well even find genuine problems and fix them for you.

If you believe a Remote Support Contract is a good idea, (and it is very simple to have your computer checked out from a Technician from anywhere in the world, using your internet connection), then only use a good, reliable company who you can trust.

The IT Dept offers just such a service, with prices starting at £9.99 per PC per month. Rather less than the £185 some of these rogue cold-callers were asking for! See our Support Contract web page for details.

You can always call us for advice as well, if you're confused about any calls such as these. We won't charge you for the advice!

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