Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas is coming...

With Christmas just around the corner we can expect to see an increase in the type of viruses spread through emails which appear to come from a courier company. People are expecting parcels to be delivered - and not just by Santa!

An email I received this morning appears to have come from the email address, ""

The Subject reads, "DHL Express Services. Get your parcel NR.8642"

The email itself says,
"Dear customer!

The courier company was not able to deliver your parcel by your address.
Cause: Error in shipping address.

You may pickup the parcel at our post office personaly.

Please attention!
The shipping label is attached to this e-mail.
Print this label to get this package at our post office."

Attached to the email is a zipped file which contains the virus.

This is a good example of "social engineering" being used to get the unwary recipient to open the virus and infect themselves. We all want parcels and we're keen to know why this one hasn't been delivered and how we can get hold of it.

A moments thought can help a lot here. Where would DHL, or any other courier company, have got your email address from? Why didn't they simply leave the usual card through the door? If there was an error in the address how do they know where to send this notice?

The most striking warning comes from the use of fairly poor grammar and spelling. Would DHL seriously send such a poor email, even if they did know your email address?

We all have to take responsibility for our own computers and not to rely on what are, unfortunately, very unreliable anti-virus programmes!

Merry Christmas and be sure to deliver my parcels personally!

© Michael Donkin 2009