Thursday, 11 June 2009

Why you should not forward chain mails...

We all receive chain mails from friends and colleagues.

You know the type of email:
  • Jokes – some of which are funny ...the first dozen or so times,
  • The wistful email, such as the Irish Friendship Wish, which tells you to forward the email to x number of people in order to be lucky,
  • The virus warning, "verified by Microsoft, AOL and IBM"
  • The  angry email suggesting we boycott some product or other.

There are many many more examples. Why shouldn’t we simply forward them on, for a bit of harmless fun? Surely the recipient can choose to forward it to their circle of friends or simply to delete it.

These emails are actually very cleverly designed in order to get your email address sent to as many PCs as possible.

If my friends send an email to me and to all of their other friends, then many people that I do not know will have a record of my email address on their computers. If any one of those PCs has a virus then that virus will try to send itself to my email address. It will also send my email address to the virus writer who will then sell the database of “live” email addresses to several spammers. A very vicious circle….

In general any email which contains LOTS OF CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!! is very suspect.

Please don't send it on to ME!!!
© Michael Donkin 2009