Sunday, 17 May 2009


With all the talk of the credit crunch it is likely that your IT Support company can save you money, by keeping your existing computer systems working more efficiently for longer.

Michael Donkin, Director of ‘The IT Dept’, takes the novel view that computers are very similar to cars; service your car regularly and you avoid breakdowns and problems. So why not do the same with your computer, he asks? It will reduce downtime, user frustration and, most significantly, costs.

“There are many similarities between cars and computers - both being essentially tin boxes with Windows,” says Donkin. “They are both vital business tools and used every day. You don’t need to know how they work, and you hope neither of them suddenly crashes. But, most importantly, regular servicing reduces breakdowns of both.”

The IT Dept believes that businesses can save money by keeping their existing computers for longer, by simply having them serviced regularly. Servicing includes ensuring systems are secure by adding Microsoft patches, which also aids their efficiency. Checking and tweaking anti-virus and anti-spam systems to provide the best possible protection, and ironing out small glitches that users have become used to living with, thus saving staff time.

“During the servicing of computers ‘Event Logs’ are scrutinised. It is these logs that often highlight issues before they become serious and allows proactive maintenance, before the sudden crash which is often the first sign of computer trouble” advises Donkin. “It is that sudden downtime which The IT Dept is trying to avoid, as it adds to the hidden costs of running a company.

Such servicing only takes a few minutes per month for each computer, but can extend their useful life considerably.

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